2019-02-10: News Headlines

RT (2019-02-10). Man's testicles tasered during horrific police arrest (VIDEO). rt.com Disturbing bodycam video shows Arizona cops tasering a man 11 times, including on the testicles, as his horrified family scream for them to stop. The police are now being sued for "excessive force and torture."

RT (2019-02-09). 'Drones aren't missiles, they are re-usable': US disputes accusations of non-compliance with INF. rt.com The US military has rejected Russian accusations of violating the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, arguing that its drones can't be seen as missiles and Tomahawk-compatible 'defensive' launchers can't be used offensively.

WSWS (2019-02-09). IYSSE calls on students in Australia to join the demonstrations in defence of Julian Assange. wsws.org The defence of Assange is at the cutting edge of the fight against growing authoritarianism and an assault on democratic rights around the world.

Consortiumnews (2019-02-08). Watch the 16th Julian Assange Vigil. consortiumnews.com Unity4J presented the 16th online vigil for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Friday. You can watch the replay here. Guests: Mike Gravel, Arthur Chesterfield-Evans, Brian Becker, Teodrose Fikre and more. Among the topics discussed were the Geneva city parliament voting… Read more →

Yanis Varoufakis (2018-11-29). On Julian Assange and the Political Economy & future of Europe. zcomm.org Interview on the socio-economic transformations taking place within the core of the European Union and how much time is left until it disintegrates…

Chris Hedges (2018-11-26). Crucifying Julian Assange. zcomm.org Chris Hedges and Joe Lauria, journalist and editor-in-chief, Consortium, discuss efforts to force #WikiLeaks publisher, #JulianAssange, out of the Ecuador Embassy in London and extradite him to the USA to stand trial.

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