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This annotated bibliography is compiled and customized for the Whistleblower Defense website.  Some of the authors featured on this page include Journal of School Health, Doune Macdonald, Ben F. Barton, Marthalee S. Barton, Faye S. Taxman, Tim Booth, James M. Byrne, Suzanne Bowler, Robert Halpern, and Bill Jenkins.

Macdonald, Doune (1995). The Role of Proletarianization in Physical Education Teacher Attrition, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport. The purpose of this study was to discover the dissatisfactions for Australian beginning physical education (PE) teachers. Qualitative data yielded five main categories underpinning teacher dissatisfaction: lack of status, repetitive nature of PE work, limited decision making, personal and professional surveillance, and unprofessional staff-room culture. Descriptors: Beginning Teachers, Career Change, Faculty Mobility, Foreign Countries

Felder, Lanny I. (1997). Safe and Sound, American School & University. Describes a comprehensive security program that includes access control, surveillance methods, and personnel awareness, designed to keep public schools safe for students and faculty. Alternatives to traditional lock and key systems are discussed, as are patrolling tips for high crime sites and the need to educate staff and students. Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education, Public Schools, School Security

Irwin, Richard L.; And Others (1993). A Critical Analysis of Collegiate Licensing Policies and Procedures, Journal of College and University Law. A review of the literature and a survey of 98 collegiate licensing programs and 6 sport licensing programs were used to develop an optimal administrative model for collegiate licensing. Specific administrative recommendations concerning staffing, inventory, trademarks, written policies, exclusivity, innovative agreements, product samples, surveillance, marketing, and royalties are offered. Descriptors: Administrative Policy, Business Administration, College Administration, College Athletics

Booth, Tim; Booth, Wendy (1995). Unto Us a Child Is Born: The Trials and Rewards of Parenthood for People with Learning Difficulties, Australia and New Zealand Journal of Developmental Disabilities. Drawing on personal stories from 20 families, this paper explores what it means to be a parent with learning difficulties and looks at the joys and heartaches that parenting brings. The downside of parenthood includes having children taken away, constant surveillance, and inadequate supports; rewards include loving relationships, opportunities for integration, and adult status for the disabled parent. Descriptors: Child Rearing, Family Relationship, Mental Retardation, Parent Child Relationship

Barton, Ben F.; Barton, Marthalee S. (1993). Modes of Power in Technical and Professional Visuals, Journal of Business and Technical Communication. Treats visuals as sites of power inscription. Advances a Foucauldian design model based on the Panoptican–Jeremy Bentham's architectural figure for empowerment based on bimodal surveillance. Notes that numerous examples serve in demonstrating that maximum effectiveness results when visuals foster simultaneous viewing in the two panoptic modes, the synoptic and the analytic. Descriptors: Charts, Diagrams, Graphs, Illustrations

Epstein, Irving (1986). Children's Rights and Juvenile Correctional Institutions in the People's Republic of China, Comparative Education Review. Examines the treatment and education of juvenile offenders in two of the four types of Chinese juvenile correctional institutions, the reformatory and the work-study factory class. Discusses living conditions and food, discipline and punishments, informal peer surveillance, academic and vocational instruction, language of instruction, family visits, and potential for employment after release. Descriptors: Adolescents, Child Welfare, Childrens Rights, Correctional Education

Byrne, James M.; Taxman, Faye S. (1994). Crime Control Policy and Community Corrections Practice: Assessing the Impact of Gender, Race, and Class, Evaluation and Program Planning. The trend toward expanding the use of prisons and jails for drug and alcohol offenders, sex offenders, and mentally ill offenders is examined, as is the corresponding conversion of community corrections programs to a surveillance and control orientation. The differential impact of this trend on women, minorities, and the poor is explored. Descriptors: Alcohol Abuse, Community Attitudes, Correctional Institutions, Correctional Rehabilitation

Jenkins, Bill; And Others (1993). AIDS among African Americans: A Social Epidemic, Journal of Black Psychology. Provides an overview of the history of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in the United States. Surveillance data are given for several groups of African Americans, including women and men who have sex with men. AIDS cumulative incidence among African Americans in the next several years is projected. Descriptors: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Blacks, Disease Control, Disease Incidence

Bowler, Suzanne; And Others (1992). HIV and AIDS among Adolescents in the United States: Increasing Risk in the 1990s, Journal of Adolescence. Examines recent data on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) surveillance and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) seroprevalence; surveys on teenagers' knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors related to HIV/AIDS; key treatment issues; and barriers to prevention to review the problem and propose possible ways of combating it. Notes that data suggest substantially increased heterosexual epidemic in 1990s. Descriptors: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Adolescents, At Risk Persons, Drug Use

Halpern, Robert (1986). Effects of Early Childhood Intervention on Primary School Progress in Latin America, Comparative Education Review. For many poor children in Latin America, successful adjustment to primary school is impeded by child, family, and school characteristics. Early intervention efforts have been moderately effective, but their initial effects are often overwhelmed by structural features of primary schools. A coherent, carefully supervised educational program with nutritional supplementation and health surveillance is recommended. Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Comparative Education, Disadvantaged Youth, Early Childhood Education

Wolfe, Denny (1995). Three Approaches to Coping with School Violence, English Journal. Argues for three levels of solutions to today's problems with violence in the schools: (1) crisis management, including surveillance and close supervision; (2) mediation, through which third parties referee disputes; and (3) the English curriculum, which cultivates many different ways of questioning, valuing, seeing. Descriptors: Arbitration, Crisis Management, Critical Thinking, English Curriculum

Gast, Julie; And Others (1995). Validation of the CDC's YRBSS Alcohol Questions, Health Values: The Journal of Health Behavior, Education & Promotion. This study examined whether the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System was a valid self-report instrument for gathering alcohol consumption information. College students completed surveys regarding alcohol consumption and social desirability level. No significant relationship was found between social desirability and drinking behavior. The survey appears to be a valid measurement instrument. Descriptors: Adolescents, Alcoholic Beverages, College Students, Drinking

Journal of School Health (1992). Participation in School Physical Education and Selected Dietary Patterns among High School Students–United States, 1991. Examines the prevalence of self-reported enrollment, attendance, and participation in school physical education, noting dietary patterns among students in grades 9-12 from the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System. Percentages of students participating varied significantly. Males participated and exercised more than females. Very few students met American Cancer Society dietary goals. Descriptors: Eating Habits, Enrollment Trends, Health Behavior, High School Students

Milshtein, Amy (1997). Here's Looking at You, Kid, College Planning & Management. The University of Maryland at College Park installed 25 surveillance cameras to combat crime. A minimum of disruption occurred because unused twisted pair wires left in place when the conversion to a fiber optic telephone system was made could be used for the camera installations. The campus is safer, and its budget is intact. Descriptors: Crime, Crime Prevention, Educational Facilities, Educational Facilities Improvement

Cathcart, Margaret E. (1997). Strategic Planning in a Government Organization: The Experience of the Technical Information Division at NRaD, Technical Communication: Journal of the Society for Technical Communication. Describes development of strategic objectives at the Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation Division of the Naval Command, Control and Ocean Surveillance Center (NRaD). Discusses its plan to achieve these objectives. States that the organization's responsibilities span the continuum of information using technical communication skills. Uses strategic planning to implement methodology and measurements of success. Descriptors: Case Studies, Communication Skills, Government Role, Organizational Objectives

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